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Vegan Author Julia Feliz Talks Candidly About Veganism And Parenting

Books – we have an ever-growing list of kids vegan and eco books post here, from birth to pre teen. Sanctuaries to visit in the UK – check for open days or regular visiting hours each week. Here are a few UK-based vegan-run animal sanctuaries: Friends, The Retreat, Dean Trust, Brook, Hillside, The Farm and Hugletts.

Ending the battle between vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else | Brian Kateman | TEDxCUNY After three years as a vegan, there’s no going back for Stefanie: ‘I’ve been vegetarian since the age of ten and dropped all animal products in May 2013. For anyone thinking about a vegan lifestyle,

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"I wouldn’t touch a hot dog unless you put a condom on it! You realize that the job of a hot dog is to use parts of the animal that the Chinese can’t figure out how to make into a belt? -timecode 1:11:10"

Vegan Parenting in a Very Non-Vegan World Julia Feliz Brueck talks to us about her new book: Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide’ Veganism, a movement that works against the oppression of nonhumans from humans, is not only ethically sound but also environmentally beneficial in the now and for future generations.

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From Greggs’ sausage-less sausage rolls to McDonald’s meat-free Happy Meals, veganism is going mainstream. But it’s not just confined to what we eat. According to the Vegan Society. PVC – think.

Known for being a public activist for the raw vegan diet, the controversial Queenslander. by becoming a personal trainer with my own business. Soon after I found veganism and my true passion in.

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Hopefully these vegan parents will educate themselves thoroughly, before they start feeding their babies and young children a vegan diet, so their kids are not exposed to harm or danger. About vegan.food and veggies: aren’t plants living creatures as well?? Haven’t heard one vegan ever talking about the poor plants and veggies they consume.