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Florida may send a big message to sanctuary cities

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Via Fox News: MIAMI – Florida has one of [.] Florida May Send A Big Message To Sanctuary Cities He has a 60 percent approval rating in his first few months in office, so people are liking what he’s doing.

MIAMI – Florida has one amongst many largest illegal immigrant populations all via the nation and its new governor should substantiate they don’t have security from native authorities. republican gov. ron DeSantis is pushing for a ban on sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

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So, proponents went to their County Board members and asked them to pass "gun sanctuary" resolutions. In some cases, the resolutions are designed to send a message. cities that have designated.

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 · Florida may send a big message to sanctuary cities In the midst of a heated debate on immigration, lawmakers are grappling with fixing what they call, America’s broken immigration system. Legislators in Florida are hoping to take the lead on Trump’s agenda with a new set of bills.

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Florida may send a big message to sanctuary cities.. "Anyone who says that there is a sanctuary city in the state of Florida, especially if they’re a policymaker, that would be very concerning to me because it simply does not exist," said Melissa Taveras, spokesperson for the Florida.