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Florida funeral home director scammed families, authorities say

Government teams surveying storm damage confirmed Tuesday that at least 18 tornadoes struck on Sunday in Alabama, Florida. begin releasing bodies to funeral homes. After the storm, Dean rushed home.

Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. After graduating from Florida State University with. The next day, her grieving family gathered at a nearby funeral home to say goodbye to.

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In 2013, Florida changed some language in its laws that created confusion about whether families could continue to care for their dead without a funeral director. An official from the Florida Vital Statistics Bureau has confirmed it is not necessary to hire a funeral director to handle final arrangements.

Manley, a 29-year-old District security guard, has no qualms about shooting Javone Smith, a masked gunman who, with three others, was allegedly trying to rob a vape shop hosting a pop-up marijuana.

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Twelve families scammed in Largo home rental fraud, police say.. The victims say the suspected scammers stalled their move-in dates to coordinate with the date they would flee from Florida. Anyone who may have been scammed by the Johnsons is asked to call Detective Young at (727) 587-6757 or.

The funerals were among several being held for people. ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Authorities say a toddler died at a Florida.

County Emergency Management Director Kathy Carson said she was “pretty sure” tornado sirens in Beauregard sounded warnings. But authorities. bodies to funeral homes. After the storm, Dean rushed.

Consider a recent FBI bust of a prepaid funeral scheme in which some 97,000 people in 16 states lost more than $450 million in funeral goods and services that were paid for in advance but never provided. "And there are certainly other cases where new owners buy a funeral home and then run off with the money," says Tregillus.

As families began burying their dead, authorities questioned whether they could have prevented the attack on a South Florida high school where a gunman took the lives of 14 students, the athletic.

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Facebook At some point, authorities say, he began plotting a venture that would at last. by people who saw it around town – which he often parked by a Hollywood funeral home. This past Friday, two.