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Fewer underwater mortgages in Florida, but challenges remain

Fewer than half of the nation’s roughly 11 million underwater mortgages are current, and large numbers of these mortgages go delinquent each month:2 Together with loans that are already delinquent or in default, 7.5 to 9.5 million additional homes are expected to go into liquidation over the next several

This challenge to home ownership has enabled the single. INVH is also working to reduce the portion of their real estate portfolio with mortgages attached to them. When fewer of the homes are used.

Banks have stepped up foreclosure alternatives to avoid legal challenges. They’re forgiving debt. senior economic analyst with Bloomberg Government. Modified loans have a high default rate and may.

New mortgage data shows that though there are fewer underwater borrowers overall, those with modified loans are still struggling.

Tradition and stunted earning capabilities dictate that most of the time the decision to stay home falls to the woman. Fewer mothers work now than in. a stay-at-home mom in Florida who was inspired.

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A growing number of mortgage borrowers are keeping their heads above water, according to a report from RealtyTrac. The company reported Thursday that 9.3 million properties, or 19% of all homes with mortgages, were "deeply underwater" in December, meaning borrowers owed at least 25% more on their mortgage than the home was worth.

Appearing before thousands of students at Florida Atlantic University. the F.H.F.A. found that reducing mortgage principal for about 691,000 eligible underwater homeowners would reduce Fannie and.

That’s almost half (47%) of all Florida mortgages. In Broward County alone, reports the Sun-Sentinel, 51% of current mortgages are underwater. Underwater mortgages are a national crisis – it’s not just Florida that’s hurting. Florida isn’t alone.

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In 2000, underwater borrowers were a rarity. The share of such borrowers exceeded 2% in just one state-Hawaii. The actual default rate, defined as the incidence of mortgages 60 days past due or in foreclosure, was about 2%. The 2010 underwater mortgage map in Figure 2 looks very different.