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How To Create A Stylish Outdoor Entertainment Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas So in addition to picking up some new outdoor furniture, it’s also a good time to figure out your. the scale of your space, which can help determine the size and shape of the fixture as well as the.

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In the West, we can hike in January, picnic in March, and even celebrate Thanksgiving-at least partly-outdoors. Here are our ideas for year-round entertaining outside

Helpful tips to help take your home to the next level Secure the home you’ve always wanted, both financially and visually. Learn how to find a mortgage through the right lender and obtain the perfect backyard look, all in this episode of Designing Spaces.

If your budget or skill set doesn’t match up with what you have in mind for your home renovation. spice up a living space that you rent, you’ll see some new trends entering the interior design.

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The monetary returns of indoor-outdoor living options may be low, but the personal benefit can pay off. Wayne Visbeen, founder of Visbeen Architects, a home design firm based in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, says nowadays 100 percent of the homes his firm designs throughout the U.S. include indoor-outdoor living.

With all the fuss over interior dcor and spaces inside your home, very little attention is paid to your outdoor spaces. Often your outdoor space can be the most beautiful part of your home! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to realising and maximising the potential of your outdoor spaces.

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Bring the indoors outside by turning outdoor space into an extension of your home. >> Keep accessories to a minimum. Use mirrors as wall art to reflect your trees and landscaping. Mirrors can also help to open up the area. Be sure to add potted plants to your space. >> Landscape the yard.

#3 Design Your Space To Blur the Line Between Inside and Outside. The most affordable way: switch out a standard door with french or sliding doors. The wow-way: add weatherproof flooring, such as stone tile or scored concrete, for the space outside and the adjacent room inside .