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Black writer promotes diversity in the comic book industry

Opinion: Slump in sales of superhero comics threatens Disney, Netflix and others. Michael Brush is a Manhattan-based financial writer. At the time of publication, he had no positions in any stocks mentioned in this column. He has suggested NFLX, DIS, AMC, HAS and MAT in his stock newsletter Brush Up on Stocks.

So I hate to say "Time to scrap that concept," but the comic book industry needs to lean into the skid of what’s actually working. If digital comics are on the rise, do more to promote those. If people are more likely to read trade paperbacks or full-length graphic novels, have more writers working toward creating them.

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Somewhere during a four-decade career in editing and scripting comics, Christopher Priest found himself categorized as a "black writer," despite having written Batman, Spider-Man, and other icons.

30 black comic book writers You Should Know. He went on to create or co-create many of Milestone Media’s title characters, like Icon, Rocket, Static, and Hardware. He wrote the Icon and Hardware titles as well. McDuffie’s work didn’t stop with comics. He adapted the story of Milestone hero Static into the acclaimed cartoon series Static Shock.

Black Panther was another comic that Marvel canceled due to poor sales, but in many cases, the writing was incredibly questionable. mostly utilizing out-of- pocket money to promote the series, and her run took a character.

Diversity is making DC Comics great again.. DCWKA focuses on diversity in the comic book industry.. The same applies to the team behind Black Canary, writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Annie Wu.

The initial struggle, as Snipes explains, was explaining to the uninitiated that he was trying to make a movie about the comic book. industry at the age of 23 with his 1991 film boyz n the Hood.

"Heroes Of Homeroom C" is an original graphic novel and the first publication being released under the Aristocrats Comics banner. Aristocrats, founded by Ruttgaizer, is a black-owned-and-operated comic book company striving to tell exciting stories while promoting diversity amongst both its characters and creators.

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While staff and creators from across the comics industry rallied with a Twitter. of a single Twitter account: @DiversityAndCmx, run by Richard C. Meyer.. to have a military focus: In 2009 he published a black and white comic from. Van Sciver began promoting Meyer's channel on his Twitter account in.

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